Wallstreet English Experience

Hello guys!

As i told you before, i’ve been joining an english course after i graduated and got my bachelor degree of law. Actually i didn’t have any plan to join an english course at that time and one day i was looking for an english test because i just want to know my english level. Accidentally, i found wallstreet english website and there are some english quiz then i tried them all. After i finished the quiz i had to fill my phone number and email and they said they will send the feedback. About 2 or 3 days later i got a call from Wallstreet English and they asked me if i’m interested to do english placement test and have a consultation session with their consultant. Well, i kinda doubt it at that time but i said yes. After the call session i got an email from wallstreet and they gave me a link to do the placement test. The day after tomorrow i had an online consultation session via zoom with Ms. Diah from Wallstreet English Kota Kasablanka Center. In that session i wast told about WSE (Wallstreet English) learning method and i got interested with the unique method and 100% english total environment and the teachers mostly are native speakers! After a loooong discussion with Ms. Diah i decided to make a contract with WSE for 1 year. Well imo, it does cost so expensiveee hahaha i almost can’t afford it because i didn’t get any job yet but thanks God i have a very nice and good-hearted mom yes she gave me allowance to join WSE. Eventhough the cost was that expensive it’s worth every pennies. YES! This is trulyyyy a honest experienced from me. My center is at Living World, it’s on second floor. The place was nice and it’s kinda quiet when i step in (maybe because it’s corona time lol). I had my first lesson with my mentor, Ms. Andin. It was a great experienced, there are few of computers and we can use them for doing our Multimedia Lesson and Digital Book (Interactive Lesson). Ah, there are a lot of classes at WSE i.e, Encounter Class, Complementary Class, Chat Hour, and Social Club. We can join all of them as much as we want! It’s available everyday, so it won’t waste our money if you are a good student and have a commitment to study well!

  1. Encounter Class is a review class that consist max 4 students. So we’ll be given an online interactive lessons (digital multimedia lesson and workbook)and every 2–3 weeks we have to join this encounter class and the trainer will check our lessons that we did before.
  2. Complementary Class is a grammar class so basically we are going to study a lot of grammar in this class. You can join this class 1 times in a week, actually you can join more than 1 classes in a week but unfortunately the classess topic will be same, so you better join once in a week tho.
  3. Chat Hour is a class that we can join as much as we can. The topic will be given by mentor and trainer so all you need to do is just practice your speaking skill, yep this class definitely will boost your confident!
  4. Social Club is similar with chat hour, yes you can join this class everyday.

I’ve been join WSE for 3 months and i feel more confident eventho i still have to improve my grammar skill. Fyi, because of this covid-19 pandemic WSE also provides online classes by zoom so if you get worry to go to the center you can still acsess the online classes in your home but i reccommend you to join the offline classes if you don’t mind because the ambience is kinda different. Well, see you at the center!

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